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At North Austin Hearing Center, we believe that communication is so important and not something that people should take for granted. Although it’s not something that you can see, it affects every aspect of your life. Communication is so powerful and connects us with each other. We see many people who have decided to take action and treat their hearing loss, which in turn positively impacts their quality of life.

"What I want people to know about me the most is that I believe communication is key. Whether people are arguing about sports or discussing project goals with colleagues, communication is what allows us to interact with the world we live in. Good communication is one of our greatest strengths and strongest allies when it comes to overcoming obstacles. As an audiologist, my goal is to help you hear better, so that good communication can continue to be a source of strength and power in your own personal arena."

~ Roxanna "Roxy" Chapa

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Our services include, but are not limited to:

Special Promotion: Free Hearing Aid Demo

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A hearing aid demo might be all you need to dispel any myths or fears about hearing aid use. At North Austin Hearing Center, we understand that making a big change requires courage, support, and sometimes a little experimentation.

If you are curious about new hearing aid technology, or if your family keeps insisting you should try hearing aids, contact us to schedule a hearing aid demo! You can try them for yourself and make an informed decision. At North Austin Hearing Center, we put the power with the patient!

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EarQ 4-Year Warranty

All of our EarQ hearing aids come with the EarQ 4-Year Warranty. The EarQ 4-Year Warranty will save you time and money! With this warranty you get 4 years of service, repairs, cleanings, and adjustments. Call us today to learn more about the EarQ 4-Year Warranty.


Hearing Healthcare Articles

We aim to stay up to date on the latest news in hearing healthcare, and to share these new developments with our valued patients. Click an article below to read more.

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At North Austin Hearing Center in Pflugerville, TX, we want to make your hearing health a top priority during these unprecedented times. Learn some tips for how to communicate better with a mask on!

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Discover 5 reasons why you should try hearing aids and make better hearing your New Year's resolution for the upcoming year!

Tips to Help You Hear Better

At North Austin Hearing Center, we're dedicated to helping you hear better. Learn about tips that will help your hear better in your conversations with loved ones.

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