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When you come to your first visit, we will have you fill out a little bit of paperwork. Then we will review your background and case history to get to know you a little better. We will walk you through the process of getting a hearing exam and talk about what your goals for your hearing are.

A hearing test is a fast and simple way to determine whether you or someone close to you has hearing loss. The hearing test typically has five parts:

  1. Tympanometry – This test helps determine the health of the eardrum and middle ear space behind the eardrum. Fluid behind the eardrum or negative ear pressure can be easily detected with this test.
  2. Acoustic Reflex – This test helps determine the health of our middle ear muscles, the Stapedius and Tensor Tympani muscles. In healthy ears, the middle ear muscles will have a measureable reflex in response to loud sounds.
  3. Speech Testing – This test measures how well someone can repeat words in quiet. Speech in noise testing can also be conducted to measure performance in a noisy environment.
  4. Pure Tone Testing – This test measures how well someone can detect different pitches. Typically, a frequency spectrum from 250 Hz – 8000 Hz is used. High frequency testing up to 20,000 Hz is available upon request.
  5. Bone Conduction Testing – This test uses a bone oscillator placed on the mastoid bone to directly stimulate the cochlea (inner ear).

Make sure to bring your insurance card and ID. It is usually helps to bring a spouse or a loved one along with you.

Hearing Aid Consultation

Fitting hearing aid

Choosing a hearing aid can be an intimidating process to go through alone. Consult with your hearing healthcare professional when you are ready to take the next step in choosing the right hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget. This appointment can be used to discuss different brands, styles, technologies, and features.

Hearing Aid Fitting

This appointment takes place after you have found the perfect hearing aids. Here, hearing aid maintenance and cleaning techniques will be discussed in detail. We will also practice using the hearing aids until you are confident and self-sufficient. Once the hearing aids are fit and working, they will be fine-tuned to match each individual’s unique hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Counseling

Hearing aid counseling

Integrating your new hearing aids into your lifestyle can take some time and practice. The first three months of hearing aid use require active participation in the adjustment process. Getting accustomed to wearing hearing aids everyday can take some time, and the adjustment process is different for everybody. It is normal and expected to request follow-up visits for fine-tuning adjustments to your new hearing aids, especially during the first year. Keeping a simple journal during this adjustment process can make the transition to better hearing easier for both you and your hearing healthcare professional.

The more details you can provide about your new hearing experiences, the easier it will be to tackle areas for improvement. All in all, the best way to take advantage of your new hearing aids is to talk to your hearing healthcare professional! We can discuss what to expect, frequently asked questions, and any listening situation unique to your lifestyle.

Insurance Coverage

Mature couple with hearing insurance

We accept the following insurances at North Austin Hearing Center. If you have insurance with one of the following insurance carriers, you may have a hearing aid benefit or qualify for a hearing aid discount.

Please call our office at (512) 969-5087 to find out what your insurance plan has to offer.

CareCredit logo

All major credit cards are acceptable. We also offer CareCredit for financing.

Qualifications for Discounts

Veteran referral program

Are you a veteran? A Medicare member? Over 65? If you do not have health insurance, use Medicare as your primary health insurance, or are a Veteran who uses Tricare or AARP as an insurance carrier, you may still qualify for a hearing aid discount.

The North Austin Hearing Center Referral Program

Refer a friend! The best compliment you can give us is to share your experience with family and friends! Refer a friend and get a $25 gift card absolutely free!

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